Monday, 19 November 2012

Which Social Media Networks Do You Use?

In an effort to put a bit more time into my blog besides just writing posts, I am wondering which social networks my readers use.

At the moment I only promote posts on facebook and twitter, but I might extend to other places like Google+ or Pinterest if it would be useful.

I would love it if you could spare the time to comment and let me know which ones you use!

Also I don't know very much about other social networks so if you can offer me any advice on whether it would be good for this blog to be promoted on them it would be much appreciated. Especially since I need to use my time wisely :)

Thank you!


Chris Jefferies said...

I'm using Facebook less and less these days because I don't think it's well designed but has been patched together in a reactive way.

I've moved to Google+ instead as that seems well organised and flexible. It makes it easy to have a conversation with just the people you want.

On balance I'd say Facebook is OK for a smallish mix of family and close friends. Google+ is OK for those people too, but far better for larger groups of people you don't know so well. Ideal for blog contacts!

I use Twitter too, but only for notifying readers of blog posts. Pinboard works well for bookmarking things and as a feed of items I've marked. It's behind the 'Recent News' list on my blog.

And Blogger of course, how would I manage without dear old Blogger! It is well integrated with Google+, adding value to both.

For photos there's Smugmug, it's a great service but doesn't have a free version. (Google+ is pretty good if you need a freebie for photos.)

But the most useful basis is a good hosting service. I use Tollon for that, there's a small annual fee but they're very helpful and quick to respond to any problem. I have my own domain name ( and can create as many subdomains as I wish.

To see this flexibility in action try,,,, and

Those are very convenient.

I think the real key to success with social sites is to stick with a few that do just what you need and not put too much time into looking for new things unless you really sense that something's missing. That's pretty much what you've done Rhoda. And it works well for you.

Rhoda said...

Wow thanks for your comprehensive reply Chris! I should check out your blog and look at your links on there too :) I might look into Google+ a bit more, I'm on there but not doing much.

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