Monday, 15 April 2013

On Rest, Energy and Motivation

I apologise to anyone who has missed me (though I find that hard to believe!) for having taken such a long break from blogging without warning! In truth I have been exhausted, from going a bit too hard for too long, and then a big weekend outreach that was great but managed to push me over the edge.

So I had to rest, to renew first my strength and then my motivation to do anything! I only just got back motivation to blog this weekend as God spoke to me through my dear husband who was preaching on Daniel 11:

‘The people who know their God shall be strong, and carry out great exploits. And those of the people who understand shall instruct many’ Daniel 11:32,33

Isn’t that a cool verse?! It reminded me that as Christians we are all called to exhort and encourage each other (Hebrew 10:24,25), disciple others (Matthew 28:19,20), and share what God is teaching us (Matthew 10:27)

Daniel prophesied that those people who knew God instructed many, which I'm sure encompassed those things. We shouldn’t keep what we know and are learning about God to ourselves!

I discovered that three vital things were necessary to get rid of my tiredness and regain my energy and motivation: going to bed at a good time every night, taking an hour in the afternoon to rest, and of course spending good quality time with God – reading His Word and praying.

In fact after practicing these three things and being more disciplined in at least the first two than I have for a long time, I actually feel better than I have done for ages!

I have been struggling with patience for a while, but with better rest I am finding I do far better. And anyone who has had children will know it is probably one of the most needed fruits of the Spirit :)

I also have been reading a great book during this time, which I underlined a lot of, and would like to recommend to anyone who sometimes struggles with managing their inside life that not so many people see, but that holds up everything else. It is called ‘Ordering Your Private World’ by Gordon MacDonald.

88640: Ordering Your Private World Ordering Your Private World
By Gordon MacDonald / Thomas Nelson

I have just lent it out so can’t quote extensively from it, but here is something he quoted from John Wesley which most of us Westerners probably need to meditate on:

“Though I am always in haste, I am never in a hurry; because I never undertake any more work than I can go through with perfect calmness of spirit.”

How do you prevent yourself from getting exhausted?


Anonymous said...

Dear Rhoda. Nice to have you back again! It was very quiet..... I think it is very important to take the time to "renew" as it were. Otherwise it is not possible to share. The problem with exhaustion is, that the moment you discover it, it is already there! So, a little too late....
It is difficult to say "no" to a lot of things, but sometimes that is the wisest thing to do.
For myself, the best way to quiet down is a very regular routine every day, and time spent with the LORD, every day, especially the Book of Psalms. Life itself can be found there, and it can be like a balm.
Love and blessings for you, and well, yes, I did miss you!
Annette (from the Netherlands)

Rhoda said...

Hi Annette, you are right that it is impossible to blog if I am exhausted, because I have nothing there! Thanks for sharing what you do, I love the psalms - they are so personal and close to whatever we're going through!

Jane in Wales said...

I understand so well from experience how you get exhausted. I used to overestimate myself, doing far too much. But I am learning that I don't 'have to' be everywhere, attend everything. When I feel warning signs, I cancel things I was going to do. Maybe one day I'll learn not to take them on in the first place....! Reading one chapter of Proverbs every day, next to my normal Bible reading, helps me to put everything in perspective too. Learning to be wise is not easy!!

Rhoda said...

Yes I often think of you when I decline to do things and remember how you used to get tired easily! Now I am the same way, but I guess we are all that way, it's just that I think being a homemaker and mother by itself is so much that we are more nearer to the boundaries of exhaustion! I need to learn to watch for the warning signs a bit better :)

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