Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Does Redeeming the Time Always Mean Doing More?

Time is always tricky, and how to use it is one of my most frequent prayers.

Today I'm writing a guest post about time over at 'Finding Heaven'. There is a little excerpt below and if you'd like to read more about what God has been teaching me about time please pop over there!

Ever since I was little I never liked to sit there doing nothing. And if possible I’d rather do two or three things at once! 

I then learned from the Bible that God wants us to ‘make the most of every opportunity, redeeming the time’ (Eph 5:15) which just put extra wind into my sails!

Not so long ago I went on a long journey, and trying to redeem the time I thought, “I’m going to have all these hours with no children, husband or house to look after - I can get lots done!”  So I planned out all the things that I could do...


Anita Mathias said...

A earache from stress. Never heard of it, though i had earaches for years, until I cut out sugar and white flour. When I have sugar, they come back!!

Rhoda said...

Well it's a little more complicated than I wrote down - it comes from TMJ which comes from grinding my teeth at night and gritting/tensing my teeth and jaw during the day when I'm stressed. That's very curious that sugar gives you earache though!

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